Professional Led Lighting Solution


About us

Since its inception in 2015, Shenzhen Bestart Creativity Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply committed to lighting technology and innovation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the high-tech hub of China, we stay at the forefront of the industry, continually innovating and offering the latest lighting solutions.

As a pioneering supplier of lighting solutions, what we offer goes beyond just a light. We provide a comprehensive and diverse range of lighting products. Our product line encompasses LED Screens, Pixel Mesh, Pixel Lights, Linear Lights, Wall Washers, Spotlights, Flood Lights, Underwater and Underground Lights, Window Lights, DMX Neon and Strip Lights, Tunnel and Wall Lights, and LED Brick Lights, to name a few. And this is just a fraction of our offerings. We are persistently developing new technologies, ensuring our clients receive the most advanced and diverse lighting solutions.

Our dedication extends beyond these products. Apart from the mentioned items, we specialize in 3D Naked-Eye Video Production, Artistic Lighting Scheme Design, Interactive Devices, and Control Systems. Each solution is meticulously designed and tailor-made for specific architectural and dynamic lighting projects, ensuring that every project meets our client's expectations and desired outcomes.

We recognize that lighting is not merely about brightness; it's about creativity and artistry. Hence, we commit to offering end-to-end services for our clients, from design and production to installation and the final aesthetic effect. Our goal is to accentuate the unique charm and allure of spaces and structures through cutting-edge lighting technology. Concurrently, we're dedicated to steering the lighting industry towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly direction.

Shenzhen Bestart Creativity Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to illuminating the future with you!