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Xiamen - China

Bestart Lighting 3D Art Gallery 

Explore the charm of Xiamen, China! As a captivating city, Xiamen is renowned for its beautiful beaches and rich culture. Now, Bestart utilizes a curved outdoor LED display screen and innovative 3D naked-eye video technology to present a carefully designed 3D special effect featuring a dolphin jumping, enhancing the love for Xiamen's marine environment and promoting the appreciation for animals. The curved LED display screen measures 15.36 meters by 4.8 meters, with a pixel pitch of P5 mm.

Click here to see the video from BestArt Lighting!

厦门3D - 奔涌.jpg

3D naked-eye video possesses unique characteristics that make it a captivating marketing tool. Audiences do not need to wear glasses; they simply need to find the right viewing angle on various types of display screens to enjoy a realistic three-dimensional effect. Whether it's a flat screen, a 90-degree corner screen, or a curved screen, we can showcase astonishing 3D naked-eye videos.

厦门3D - 球最外部.jpg

Our 3D naked-eye videos are not limited by the shape and angle of the display screen. We can deliver the best visual effects on various types of screens. Furthermore, we not only provide 3D naked-eye video production but also offer a complete solution. From screen production to the spacing between lights, we provide professional advice and designs to ensure that the 3D naked-eye video is displayed with optimal visual impact.

Let's together explore the beauty of Xiamen and use innovative 3D naked-eye video technology to create an unforgettable brand promotion experience for Xiamen Aquarium!

厦门3D -钻出.jpg

We'll brainstorm with you to create content that will amaze you and your audience. 

For more details about the video, Please kindly check here. 

厦门3D - 双海豚.jpg

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