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Johor - Malaysia

Using DMX RGBW Spotlights to Convert a SCULPTURE 

Background and Project Objectives

The goal of this project was to design a spectacular, contemporary lighting scheme that will not only improve the building's façade but also pay homage to Malaysia's cultural history. The project team went to Bestart Lighting, a business known for producing high-quality lighting fixtures and control systems, to do this. We aimed to produce a stunning display of deep blue and deep red using their superior DMX RGBW spotlights, similar to the design utilized in Malaysia's SULTAN IBRAHIM STADIUM.

Design Idea and Execution

The design concept centered around the use of contrasting colors and dynamic lighting effects to highlight the building's architectural characteristics. To do this, nine 400W DMX RGBW spotlights were carefully placed throughout the building to ensure optimal coverage and visual impact. These spotlights are intended to provide powerful, programmable lighting, allowing for smooth color blending and the creation of unique effects.

Each spotlight has DMX control, which allows for perfect synchronization and programming of the lighting display. Its cutting-edge technology enables the development of enthralling, synchronized sequences that highlight the building's distinctive features and bring attention to its stunning façade. We were able to build a visually appealing show that pays homage to the Sultan Ibrahim Stadium in Malaysia by combining deep blue and deep red tones.

Bestart Lighting's 400W DMX RGBW spotlights are energy efficient, utilizing less power than traditional lighting alternatives while delivering the same degree of brightness and color saturation.

Influence and Reception

The finished project converted the JDT Logo Sculpture into a visual marvel, attracting appreciation from both locals and visitors. The deep blue and deep red lighting display not only highlighted the architectural aspects of the structure, but it also instilled a sense of pride and cultural identity in the neighborhood. The success of the project demonstrates the power of innovative lighting design and its potential to improve and transform architectural environments.

Finally, this outside lighting project demonstrates Bestart Lighting's 400W DMX RGBW spotlights and control systems' remarkable capabilities. The vibrant, energy-efficient display of deep blue and deep red hues pays homage to Malaysia's Sultan Ibrahim Stadium, delivering an enthralling and culturally relevant visual experience. It has been a gratifying experience as a professional exterior lighting project manager to bring this vision to life and observe the transforming impact of innovative lighting design on the building and its surroundings.

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