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Barcelona - Spain

A Spellbinding Interior Lighting Project with DMX Flexible LED Strip RGB in Spain

Background and Project Objectives

The primary goal of this project was to create and install a fascinating and one-of-a-kind interior lighting display that would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the theater but also immerse the audience in the enchantment and emotion of the theatrical experience. The project aims to create a dynamic, vibrant, and immersive lighting design by utilizing the versatility and customizability of Bestart Lighting's DMX flexible LED strip RGB lights.


Design Idea and Execution

We utilize a flexible pixel LED strip with a transparent cover aluminum profile for installation. The choice of a transparent cover on the aluminum profile is to ensure that no light spots or hotspots are visible. The LED strip operates on DC5V and features 30 SMDs (Surface Mounted Devices) per meter, with each SMD representing one pixel. This allows for easy customization of the product length, as each LED can be individually cut to the desired size.

Additionally, our pixel LED strip supports high-definition video playback as each pixel can be controlled individually. We employ an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) controller for controlling the lighting effects and patterns. This enables versatile and dynamic lighting options for various applications.

In addition to the standard configuration of 30 LEDs per meter, we can also provide customized options such as 60 LEDs, 74 LEDs, 96 LEDs, 100 LEDs, and 144 LEDs per meter. The ability to cut the strip between each LED allows for precise customization and flexibility in design and installation.


Energy Conservation and Sustainability

The design and implementation of this project took sustainability and energy efficiency into account. Bestart Lighting's DMX flexible LED strip RGB lights are energy efficient, using less power than traditional lighting solutions while maintaining the same degree of brightness and color saturation. The use of LED technology also ensures that the fixtures have a longer lifespan, decreasing the need for replacements and lowering maintenance expenses.


The DMX control system allows for the exact programming of the lighting display, allowing the LED strip lights to be activated only when required, decreasing energy consumption. This intelligent control system helps to ensure the project's long-term viability while also allowing for the creation of dynamic and enticing visual experiences.


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