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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

       Neon Lighting Solution in Dubai City

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Our Lighting Project:

Illuminating the Dubai Skyline: Single-color Neon Lights Adorn the Waterfront Building

Dubai, fondly referred to as the 'City of Gold', is a tapestry of architectural wonders. Among its many jewels stands the 'Waterfront', an epitome of contemporary design that marries luxury with utility. As dusk envelops the city, this emblematic edifice undergoes a transformation, bathed in the delicate luminescence of our neon lights.

Our neon lights, characterized by a 16x16 mm frontal emission, extend up to 5 meters per roll. They're thoughtfully crafted with an IP67 waterproof connector, designed to withstand Dubai's diverse climatic shifts. At their core, these lights incorporate golden-wire LED beads. Each meter is densely populated with 120 SMDs, radiating a gentle white hue at a 4000K color temperature. Operating at DC24V and consuming 12W/M, these lights exemplify energy efficiency. Their IP67 rating further attests to their resilience and longevity. Complementing their technical prowess, we've integrated food-grade silicone adhesive material to ensure safety and durability.

Understanding the distinct needs of the Waterfront project, we curated a specialized offering with 12 varied sizes. This tailored approach guarantees a flawless fusion with the building's design, ensuring every facet is accentuated.

But our offering transcends the tangible. We're in the business of crafting experiences. We don't just deliver lights; we metamorphose spaces, curating luminous dreams. For those looking to reinvent their surroundings, remember, our partnership promises more than mere products; it's a journey from concept to luminescent reality.

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