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Banting - Malaysia

Illuminating of Neon Lighting Solutions for Modern Buildings

Project Background

Banting is a small town in Selangor, Malaysia, known for its rich cultural heritage and historical sites.

Exploring Banting’s cultural heritage, I 🩷 BANTING Neon Project pays homage to Malaysia’s rich history with its unique art form. I 🩷 BANTING neon light project adds new colors to ancient stories with its modern light and shadow effects. A blend of history and modernity, the I 🩷 BANTING neon light project connects the past and the future with its unique art form. I 🩷 BANTING Neon Project invites you to embark on a journey of cultural exploration and discover the historical beauty of this city.

Product Description

The project is located in Banting, Malaysia. We use BC-Ajo-N-2020-RGB neon lights, which are not limited by size, shape or space. The flexible wiring harness design of the neon lights makes installation easy and simple. Whether it is a complex building structure or a unique space design, it can be perfect adapt.

Applying RGB DMX512 control, the effects can be diversified. Whether it is festival celebrations or daily lighting, RGB DMX512 control allows lighting projects to easily adapt to various scenes and bring diverse light and shadow effects to lighting.

Bestart Lighting Neon .jpg

In the neon light project, with its excellent side bending technology, it releases a new dimension in lighting design, allowing every beam of light to be bent into art. Secondly, customize the pixels so that your design is not restricted and you can freely create stunning lighting works of art. Finally, high-quality silicone ensures long-lasting bright colors and no yellowing, allowing the original design charm to be maintained every time it is lit.

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Our Service

& Bestart is a lighting manufacturing company, we can provide high-quality lights, environmentally friendly energy-saving lamps, sustainable lighting exploration, 

   green lighting products, energy-saving solutions, low-carbon footprint lamps, etc.

& Commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting, smart lighting, customized lighting design and other lighting solutions

& After-sales service, customized service, lamp repair, long-term warranty

Collaboration is the spark of innovation. If you have a lighting project, we welcome your consultation and explore the infinite possibilities of lighting together.

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