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Tashkent - Uzbekistan

LED Pixel Light Source Illumination in Modern Architecture

Project Background

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, known for its rich history, culture and modern cityscape. As a landmark building in Tashkent, the U Tower uses LED pixel light sources for facade lighting, which not only highlights the structural features of the building, but also creates a harmonious and unified visual effect with the city's night view. In the poetic city of Tashkent, the LED pixel light source facade lighting of U Tower is like a light and shadow poem, telling the vitality and dreams of the city.

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Product Description

BC-C35-RGBW is a LED pixel light source with RGBW function. It can provide rich color effects and is suitable for building facade lighting, landscape lighting and other projects. There are many advantages to using the BC-C35-RGBW pixel + Aluminum profile installation method:

RGBW LED pixel light sources can be dimmed and changed through DMX control systems or other intelligent control systems to achieve dynamic lighting effects. Generally, LED pixel light sources have high brightness and high luminous efficiency, which can ensure lighting effects while reducing energy consumption. 

Secondly, LED pixel light sources are more energy-efficient than traditional light sources, helping to reduce long-term operating costs. Easy to install, profile mounting allows for quick installation and fixation of point lights. The aluminum profile has a stable structure and can support the weight of the point light source, ensuring stability and safety after installation. Flexibly arrange point light sources to achieve different lighting effects. Profile installation hides cables and connections, giving the lighting system a clean appearance. Since both point lights and wiring are integrated into the profile structure, maintenance and replacement become easier, reducing maintenance costs

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