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Selangor - Malaysia

Floodlight Lighting Design And Urban Aesthetics

Selangor is one of the thirteen states in Malaysia and has a rich historical background.In terms of urban lighting decoration, floodlights can be used to outline the outline of large buildings and provide beautiful effects for architectural decorative lighting. The floodlight light source has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, rich colors, and long life. It is suitable for exterior wall lighting of single buildings and historical building groups. 

In Selangor, such lighting technology can be applied to historical buildings, such as Selangor’s Firefly Park, Mount Royal, Erdinsburg, etc., as well as modern urban buildings to enhance their beauty and recognition at night. Combining Selangor's history and modern lighting technology, floodlights can not only highlight the aesthetic features of Selangor's urban architecture, but also add a sense of modernity, making it glow with new vitality at night.

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Project Description

Lighting effects/installation/layout

The project uses 48W and 72W, 3000K floodlights for installation. 3000K can create a warm and comfortable environment, which is very suitable for exterior wall lighting. In low-floor façade lighting, this color temperature can help create an inviting and welcoming entrance while also highlighting the building's features and details. 

Using these two floodlights with different powers can achieve a distinct lighting effect. The 72-watt fixture can be used as the primary light source to highlight key features of the building, such as doorways, balconies or roof lines, while the 48-watt fixture can be used for supplementary lighting, such as illuminating pathways or green areas or areas that are not as bright. To create a warm and layered night landscape.

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Aesthetics & Design/Maintenance & Cost:

The lighting design of the building should blend with the surrounding environment. The 72W and 48W floodlights can work together to harmonize with landscaping, pathways and other architectural elements through varying brightness and projection angles. It can also enhance the aesthetic value of the villa. Through carefully designed beam angles and projection directions, the lines and textures of the building can be highlighted, increasing the visual appeal of the villa at night. Floodlight fixtures generally have a long service life and low maintenance requirements.

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