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Sanya - China

Exterior Led floor light project in Sanya, China

Sanya Haitang Mianshui Shopping Centre



With a total construction area of approximately 120,000 square meters and a commercial area of 72,000 square meters, Sanya International Duty-Free City is the largest single duty-free shop in the world. 

Many top international brands such as Prada and Giorgio Armani are stationed there, and a total of nearly 300 internationally renowned brands are introduced this time. Among them, more than ten brands such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, and Rolex are entering the duty-free market channel in mainland China for the first time. There is also a collection of five functional divisions: special products from various countries, Hainan specialties, outdoor sports, gourmet food, and customer services, as well as an entertainment and leisure area.

Cases Introduction

We equipped the square with the LED brick lights: Color with RGBW, which makes the whole project alive. When people walk through this colorful trail, their mood will unconsciously relax and they can enjoy this visual feast.  


What's more, our engineers have made the lighting fixtures different from other normal LED floor in-ground lights. We have studied and applied a unique voice sensor control system, which subtly highlights the interaction between our lighting and human beings.


About the Inspiration

Bruum Buum (Screaming Lamp) makes its first appearance in Spain. The jumping point of the Plaza de Barcelona lights up. It has been praised and circulated by countless artists and lifestyles

At the same time, it creates a beautiful world full of infinite freedom and color. The floor tile lighting on the ground change as we scream, it feels like our hearts and lights are one.

Bestart Lighting Team Combined this wonderful idea and created a corner for everyone to free themselves. Here you can "see" what the sound looks like and turn it into a wonderful lighting pattern.

The sound-sensing device of the shout light can absorb sound to transform shape and color,  which is like a huge microphone, and the floor tile light on the ground is like a beautiful picture. Click and see our video.

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