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Commercial Gamarra Project in Lima, Peru

Project Background

Commercial Gamarra is a renowned commercial district located in Lima, Peru, specifically in the La Victoria District. This bustling area is known for its thriving textile and fashion industry, attracting buyers and tourists from Peru and around the world. In recent years, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Commercial Gamarra on a project where we incorporated our innovative products, adding a unique and impressive lighting effect to the entire area.

Project Objective

For this project, we utilized our 48V RGB strip lights, featuring 56 SMD LEDs per meter. The key advantage of these strip lights is their utilization of a 48V power supply, which significantly reduces installation costs. All power points and controllers were conveniently installed at the top, ensuring a streamlined installation process.

Product Description

The benefits of the 48V products extend beyond cost savings. Due to the lower voltage, these strip lights offer enhanced safety and reliability. Additionally, the 48V strip lights exhibit lower line losses and superior brightness performance, delivering exceptional illumination. They also boast extended lifespan and higher energy efficiency, providing a long-lasting lighting solution for the commercial district.

In addition to the 48V strip lights, this project included a customized interactive sensor system that synchronized the elevator movement with the lighting effects. This innovative design created a dynamic and captivating ambiance throughout the commercial area. As passengers entered the elevator, the lighting effects changed in sync with the elevator's ascent, creating an engaging and visually appealing experience.


Furthermore, pixelated light strips were incorporated into the light boxes within the commercial district. This design element allowed for the display of vibrant patterns and effects, providing a unique and eye-catching showcase for promotions and brand displays.

Through our collaboration with Commercial Gamarra, our products have contributed distinctive lighting decoration and interactive experiences to this bustling commercial district. Our 48V RGB strip lights offer efficient, energy-saving, and durable lighting solutions, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for the commercial area. We take pride in our involvement in this project and look forward to providing innovative lighting solutions for more commercial districts and projects in the future.

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